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Designer Wraps by Mario Design - Barrie, Ontario​

Designer Wrap Films are a dual cast, pressure activated self adhesive vinyl film featuring unique air release channels which means bubbles are a thing of the past! It was created specifically for automotive applications and allows individuals to completely morph the look and style of a vehicle. These wrap films give us a new way to achieve a custom finish while also providing protection to the vehicles paintwork.
Whether you want a partial (ie. hood, roof, trunk, interior) or a full body wrap we have a variety of colours, textures & finishes available. Create a tough/stealth look with a Matte finish, a performance/race look with a Carbon Fibre texture, a raw look with a Brushed Aluminum texture or a unique combination of all three!

Try the 3M  or Avery 3D Visualizers today to see some of the many colours we have available!

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